Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cookies with

It amazes me that my cheap $4 knife cannot manage to cut through chocolate, but manages to cut through my flesh with the greatest of ease.

I spent all night in the emergency room. I got to test out my medical insurance for the first time. Shots, stitches, and several bloody bandages later, I am back home. Fortunately, I am in no pain, because I cannot feel anything on my left hand.

UPDATE: I spent the very early morning in the emergency room too! Apparently, as I slept, one of my stitches came out. So, after calling the advice nurse, I found myself chatting with all of the very same people I chatted with 6 hours earlier. At least the people at the hospital are friendly. Still, now 8 hours later, my hand is still numbed all the get out.

So, my next investment is in a chocolate pick.

And these had better be the better chocolate chip cookies ever.

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