Monday, September 19, 2005

Why people suck

I have temporarily lost faith in humanity. Why? On Friday night, I was at a benefit blues dance for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The dance was brilliant, and it raised something near 2000$ which was subsequently matched by corporate donors, for Katrina victims.

The dance let out around 2am. So I went to my car, parked just in front of the dance, on 8th and Folsom in San Francisco. It seems that some punk(s) smashed through my passenger window, tossed the contents of my trash bag over the car, stole my electric razor, and stole my car radio.

Could it have possibly been worth it to them? My electric razor was getting pretty nasty, with blades dulling and whatnot. The radio can be replaced for 40$ brand new, and who knows how little it's worth after it's been used. So, the thieves spent 10-15 minutes breaking and entering, and now have to find buyers for a ratty electric razor and a cheap car radio. Hopefully it was worth it to them, I suppose.

It certainly was NOT worth it to me. I had to buy a new razor, which, admittedly, is a bit expensive. I spent about 100$ on a new one, but this one is much better reviewed than my previous one. It may even cut better. I spent about 2$ cleaning out the broken glass from all over the interior of the car. On Thursday, I will probably be spending 200-350$ on replacing the window. I have no idea if or when I will end up replacing the radio.

What's worse about the whole situation is the effect that it has on your personality. Being victim of a crime like this tends to get me down. The day or two after the breakin, I completely lost my appetite, and I am still suffering from a general malaise three days afterwards. I presume that eventually the depression will pass, but it's particularly unfortunate.

To the crack-addled thief(ves) that did this damage --- I'd like to give a hearty Thank You for causing me so much loss of money and grief. Hopefully the 20$ to 50$ you might be able to make on the job will pay off for you.

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