Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random status update

3 weeks later, and my thumb is still healing, and it is still painful, but it is doing much better. Cuts are best to be avoided --- they are terribly inconvenient.

Fortunately, I am back to many of my routinely shenanigans, going swing and blues dancing, cooking, exercising, and some new shenanigans, like improv. Healing has gotten to the point that I no longer have to pay too much attention to the thumb, but some care still needs to be taken.

I am currently amazed and mystified by the spectacular engineering feat that is the Intel Xeon microprocessor. Oh the things it does! You give it a sequence of hundreds of instructions, and it divines from those instructions your intent, and Makes It Go Fast. It almost seems like it doesn't matter what sequence of instructions you use to accomplish a task, or what extra instructions you may add, it simply figures out the best way to do it. It is truly the Magics.

Meanwhile, my birthday is coming up, and luck would have it that my sofa is being delivered on the very day --- months ahead of schedule. No longer will I have to sit awkwardly on the floor of my apartment! Life is difficult, at best, when one does not have a place to sit.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cookies with

It amazes me that my cheap $4 knife cannot manage to cut through chocolate, but manages to cut through my flesh with the greatest of ease.

I spent all night in the emergency room. I got to test out my medical insurance for the first time. Shots, stitches, and several bloody bandages later, I am back home. Fortunately, I am in no pain, because I cannot feel anything on my left hand.

UPDATE: I spent the very early morning in the emergency room too! Apparently, as I slept, one of my stitches came out. So, after calling the advice nurse, I found myself chatting with all of the very same people I chatted with 6 hours earlier. At least the people at the hospital are friendly. Still, now 8 hours later, my hand is still numbed all the get out.

So, my next investment is in a chocolate pick.

And these had better be the better chocolate chip cookies ever.

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