Sunday, September 28, 2008

More and more stuff

The shopping spree continues, to my dismay. This weekend, I acquired all sorts of good stuff, ranging from a coffee table to a bookshelf, to some plants.

The plants are my first purely decorational and recreational purchases for my apartment. I went to Sky Nursery, which has an apparently good reputation round these here parts, and will sell me hops when March arrives. I bought a clematis, chives, violets, rosemary, ficus, and thyme. I'm also scheming to add a plant, which I only know by its Romanian name: cherchelushi (spelling is, of course, all wrong). I *think* that it may be a kind of fuschia, but it is unclear to me. I have spotted a bush of the good stuff growing near to my apartment, and I am going to attempt to make a cutting of it, and use that to spawn my own. If successful, it may be an entertaining means of adding to my plant collection.

The furniture has turned out reasonably. It is clearly not the most expensive stuff on the block, and it took *forever* to put together. It was not helped by the fact that some of the pieces came without any instructions, but many many little screws. So, it was a bit of an adventure to put together. I only have two ziplock baggies full of parts left over. I *think* I know what they're supposed to be used for, but I wasn't sure, so I didn't use them. Not having instructions wasn't awful, since there is apparently an algebra for how to put together Ikea furniture, which I have apparently mastered. So, all in all, it took something like 4 hours for assembly for 3 pieces of furniture.

I've been making better use of the Pike Place Market and bakeries near my house this weekend. Dinner tonight was some roasted red pepper and tomato soup with garlic chive parpadelle and broccoli, all culled from the Pike Place Market for a steal. Lunch was a tasty Rocket Muffin from Macrina bakery.

With that said, again, this weekend, I proclaim that my apartment is finished. Interspersed are some photos of the finished product.

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