Monday, September 08, 2008

I can break ANYTHING

My biggest accomplishment after my first week of working for Google is to break my laptop 3 separate times. I really missed my calling in the fine industry laptop quality control.

On the home front, my apartment still isn't ready. I was supposed to move in on Sep 7, but it looks like the earliest it will be ready is Sep 11, and the latest it will be ready is Sep 13th. Meanwhile, I have to live in hotels, which are getting increasingly hard to find --- there must be something going on in Seattle this weekend. I've got some place to stay until Sep 11, and then I worry it'll get pretty dodgy whether I'll find someplace with vacancies.

Furthermore, on the home front, I have learned that Ikea has inexpensive, but super-uncomfortable sofas. Sofas designed, I think, to discourage lounging and relaxation, to encourage one to instead emulate that characteristic Swedish productivity. Thanks to a coworker, I have discovered at least some comfortable sofas at Crate and Barrel, even if they're a bit pricier. I'll have to also check out the Goodwills around here to see if they sell furniture.

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