Thursday, August 07, 2008

Man v Thesis: the underdog is victorious

Well, I defended my thesis last Friday. I baked cookies. I bought cupcakes. I brought milk.

When the committee brought me back into the room, they greeted me as Doctor David, which I took in complete shock. I kept waiting for the shoe to drop. There had to be more to this process. I don't feel like a different person than I did before I defended, but now I'm a Doctor. I suppose I knew this, but I never really internalized it until it actually happened to me.

About 1 hour after my defense, my girlfriend and friends whisked me away to a West Coast Swing festival in DC (Swing Fling), where I stayed up dancing till the break of dawn. Finally, on Monday, I recovered and did laundry and all that jazz. The rest of the week so far has been dealing with all the "service" jobs that I've accumulated, for which I've let work build up while thesisizing.

Now, I focus on the thesis again, to incorporate the comments and changes the committee suggested. It shouldn't be too bad. Hoorah!

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