Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crumbling under the pressure

The thesis is bearing down behind me, hurtling through space at incredible rates of speed. I defend around 30 hours from now, and I'm working working working. Meanwhile, the life around me is crumbling, due to a coincidence of increased external pressures! When I defend...if I succeed...I will surely re-emerge from my ashes like a phoenix. If I don't, I'd ike my guitar to go to my dad, and my cuisinart to go to K. It'd be nice if somebody said some nice things at my wake.

Perhaps for my tombstone:

Man versus Thesis
Thesis won
Thesis always wins

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reflections on Moving

Sorry I dropped the ball on more of the job-search stories. I'll do what I can to retell them.

Meanwhile, I wanted to take a second out of thesis-writing to mention that I have been struck by two of the classic problems of moving:

1) You never really know what you'll miss from a place until it's time to move away.

2) You will always find something new to totally make you want to stay, just as it's time to move away.

Just a little "Life, you filthy cur!" for the blogs...

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