Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moving to Seattle

I've begun my move to Seattle. I had a house-hunting trip last week, and found what looks like an awesome apartment in Belltown. It's right next to the science center, and nicely located, and has a fantastic kitchen and a spectacular view. I'm quite content.

I flew back Delta on Monday and both missed my connection and spent the night in Atlanta. I had to get up at 5am to catch my new flight back to Pittsburgh. When I got back, I ran around like a madman, packing, and getting my car an oil change, and going to the bank. Around 5pm, I started leaving Pittsburgh (I had intended to leave before noon).

The drive was full of all sorts of headaches, as the car-carrier that I mounted to the roof was moving around, and tearing. Every rest stop or two, I had to stop and adjust the straps. Finally, around 10pm, I found a packing and strapping arrangement that made the boxes secure, and my worries were over...mostly...

Around 1am, I hit Chicago, and kept on through. Eventually, low on gas, low on wakeness, but full of urine, I struggled to find a gas station or a hotel. By 2am, all my needs were met, and I collapsed into bed.

One of the best things about the trip so far is the sky. There are more stars, brighter than you can imagine, when you're driving through Indiana and Illinois between Cleveland and Chicago. Now I'm also looking forward to the skies of South Dakota, and not just the sunflower and flax fields.

One of the worst things about the trip was the loneliness --- it inspires a strange feeling and collection of thoughts to be driving across the heartland, with all your possessions in your car, leaving everything behind you, moving to a strange new home. Since I'm an innate complainer, I should also mention that my car's seats are definitely not meant for long trips, thus the second worst thing is the lower back pain.

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