Sunday, August 31, 2008


My first day of adventures in Seattle is now complete.

First, I went to the mattress store --- Cloud 9 Mattresses, to get a mattress. It was the only result for googling "mattresses near seattle" which didn't have "these people are awful" reviews. The woman who worked there was pretty odd, very new-agey, and she talked a lot about what's hot in "mattress research" which, if real, freaks me out. Eventually I settled on something which pleased me, and fortunately wasn't very expensive for a mattress. I'll have it in about two weeks.

Second, I went to my apartment, and got my parking space. I'm fortunate that I got there early and got to snag a spot of maximal convenience.

Third, I went to Bumbershoot. Bumbershoot is a huge musical festival in Seattle, and happens to be about 1 block from my apartment. Making it even better, I possibly have one of the best parking spaces to go to Bumbershoot. Bumbershoot was quite nice. I saw the Asylum Street Spankers and a few other awesome musicians. The ASS were quite entertaining, moreso than I thought they'd be.

One of the primary things I focused on at Bumbershoot were the people around me in love. I managed to be enough of a stalker to covertly get photos of a number of couples in tender moments. It gave me hope that Seattle, or at least Bumbershoot, was a good place to find love to which the pictures bear witness. Until then, at least I have these photos:

I also took numerous kid photos. Kids tend to often provide a glimpse of that innocent love of life and existence that I tend to enjoy finding. Each of the pictures, I think, is cute in their own little ways.

Finally, I took a bunch of cute people photos. I am particularly intrigued by the cubes of french fries that they served at the concession stands. I had thought Pittsburgh was crazy over fried foods. Now, I learn that Seattle is just as bad. I find it somewhat surprising.

Hey there buddy, just cause you have a bunch of hippies making out at a music festival does not mean that 'true love' exists in Seattle :) Everybody knows that people go to music festivals to make out, especially hippies...they're dirty and nobody wants to make out with them in enclosed spaces, so they go to music festivals.
PS Also, if you want to find true love, I suggest a more serious sounding place than "Bumbershoot". Something like "my bed, at midnight" sounds more serious to me :)

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