Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oktoberfest shopping

We organized a little outing today for the Seattle Googlers to Fremont Oktoberfest. First, we formed a group of Nooglers (New gOOGLERS) to run in the scavenger hunt around the Fremont area. Then, we got together with some of the older Googlers to sample some of the Oktoberfest beers, where I got schooled in some of the finer points of beer snobbery. Hales had a few good offerings, a Kolsch and an Autumn Ale, both of which were extremely tasty. The Hales rep even taught me all about the art of growing hops on my balcony, for which, I suspect, I will one day be grateful.

Besides the Hales brews, I thought that Deschutes had a pretty tasty "Whit" and a Porter, which were well worth revisiting. Someday, I will have to do so, when I'm less beered out.

Meanwhile, I have made many many purchases for my apartment. For the first time in my life, I am the proud owner of a very sharp knife, and a fancy (and thankfully, inexpensive) saucepan. In addition, I bought a shelf that sits over top of my toilet to hold bathroom supplies and towels. This shelf has already brought me an unimaginable amount of joy to my life. Now, when I sit in my toilet, I am strangely warmed by a comforting knowledge that there are towels just above and behind my head. I am certain that this sensation is not normal, and I wonder whether it signals the presence of a brain tumor or aneurysm pressing on something important in my frontal lobes.

Honestly, shopping for my apartment is growing tiring. I hope, however, I am at a point at which I can live relatively comfortably without buying anything more. In the meantime, I can sit comfortably in my apartment, watching the ships roll in over the sound...

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