Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Twin Fin Turbocharged Merlot

My name is David, and I have a problem. Corina is a borderline alcoholic. At every opportunity, she demands wine with dinner, with dessert, with breakfast, and for snacktime inbetween.

On the plus side, I get to experience wine like never before. On the minus side, I often have to buy wine like never before. Last week, she demanded we go to the local Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board retail store to get a bottle of wine. I share the opinion of many folks that the PLCB couldn't suck more even if it really tried...but I shall rant about that at some other time.

We asked the manager of the local PLCB about wines, and the only thing he could really recommend was Big House Red. I've tried Big House Red before, and I wasn't much of a fan, so we asked for something else. Since PA law forces us to shop in the PLCB, there's no compelling reason for him to know anything about what he sells, except for its name, its cost, and that it contains alcohol...Thus we were on our own.

Eventually, I saw it. The wine we needed to buy. The bottle just oozed with pure unadulterated sex appeal. Behind the label was a 2003 Twin Fin Merlot from California, my adoptive home-away-from-home state. The only downside was that it had an unpretentious screw-top, which meant that I couldn't pretend that I was some fancy wine snob (Let's ignore , for a moment, the fact that I think that screw-tops and boxed-wine technology are only a billion times more effective than that cork crap).

Corina, however, was less than impressed. She read the back of the bottle, which claimed "dark cherry fruit, mocha, and smoky oak." Corina refused to believe that any of those flavors went together, and the wine must surely be an abomination to all that is holy.

Fortunately, I was adamant, and we eventually got the Twin Fin. We cracked the wine and drank it with some avocado and Ewephoria sheep milk gouda we got from DiBruno Brothers' in Philadelphia. Both Corina and I rather enjoyed it. It was a bit strange, probably due to some of that mocha/smoky-oak thing going on, but it was pretty good. I don't know what makes "Merlot" "Merlot," but this was the best Merlot I've yet experienced. Checking around online reveals that many other folks quite enjoy the wine as well. For 11$, it's not bad at all.

Just bought my first bottle of Twin Fin merlot and think it pretty good. Have some nice medium cheddar and it's a good night.
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