Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dance Weekend

This weekend, we're having a weekend full of Blues dance workshops here in Pittsburgh. Since I've only recently returned from California, I wasn't much involved in the planning of this weekend, so I'll just be going as a patron, rather than an organizer.

As these weekends get closer, they always fill me with a sort of odd combination of excitement and dread. Lots of people are going to be coming in to dance from out of town, we'll get to dance with one another all weekend long, and we'll all learn to be better dancers. But still, there are always potential down-sides to these weekends, since they're always so busy. You have to put the rest of your life on hold, which is often a good thing, but has its drawbacks.

One of my drawbacks this weekend is that I will apparently be nursing an injured foot. Over the past weekend, I stupidly stubbed the entire left side of my foot into a doorjam. It still hurts a wee bit to walk on it. And yet, my plan is to dance all weekend long, as long as the pain does not overwhelm me. I think I just like to worry.

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