Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dance on that foot, boy. Dance!

Since I am procrastinating for a few minutes instead of working on a paper I'm writing, I figured now is a good time for a blog update.

I should mention that our little blues dance weekend was a Stellar Success. It was a blast, and I can't wait for the next one :)

I should also mention that when you hurt your foot, like I hurt mine, you probably shouldn't go dancing on it all weekend long a week later. And if you do do that, against my advice, it's probably best not to go dancing on it again the next weekend. And if you are some kind of sick sado-masochist, and you have ignored both of my warnings, you will learn that your foot will continue to be hurting 3-4 weeks after the original injury. I'm just sayin.

Last week, I went to the school's health clinic to get my foot checked out, since it was still hurting. They confirmed my internet-diagnosis that the foot/toe was probably broken, or, at least, really badly bruised up. Apparently, it doesn't really matter which, since the treatment is basically the same --- just tape or wrap the foot, and then baby it until it feels better. Many people get x-rays to confirm the break. Apparently, this is just because they are rich and doctors think that giving them a picture of their shattered toes will ease their mental anguish.

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